Did I proud to wear Batik?

Batik has become one of Indonesian identity. Now we as Indonesian people has already wear batik almost in every occasion. From formal ceremony or as casual outfits it’s okay to us to wear batik. And this batik fever also have been catch by youth creativity and make batik more flexible and penetrating more deeper. Me my self also like to wear batik, the reason is simply because I don’t need to think more about what ceremony I will attend and what kind of cloth that I should wear, I just wear batik and I’ll never be wrong in costume. Every institution, every office every schools has their own Batik as their identity. Foreign people also attracted too to wear batik, even though some of them make mistake when buy batik, like when they wear batik for Indonesian Civil Servants but It’s okay, after all we are all love to wear batik as a world heritage.

I love batik and my love become deeper after I came to Pekalongan, The World City of Batik This is my first trip to Pekalongan. Although I’ve been heard quite lot about this city, this city still surprising me. We can find Batik in every aspect of this city life. This trip also changes my point of view of Batik. Batik is not just a cloth or Culture, more over Batik is a way of life. So many lessons we can take just from a piece of Batik. As a child who grew up with Javanese culture I used to find the hidden message in every aspect in live including the cloth that we wear. Just like Javanese people that tend not to talk not straightforward batik also have so many hidden messages. Batik nowadays has undergone many changes also the philosophy behind it. Long time ago only the King and the family can wear the batik motif like parang barong, the ordinary people or lower social status can only wear parang klithikan motif (let say the lower version of parang barong motif). It’s all make seen consider that time situation of social life is different. Now Indonesia is a large democratic nation, there is no more social class division. But I think Indonesian people need to maintain Batik Culture not only to wear batik cloth but also take the valuable lesson behind it. Here I present some valuable lesson from Batik motif.

  • Parang Rusak

Means fighting corrupted things such as bad thing

  • Parang Curigo

Means fighting the evil

  • Babon Angkrem

Symbolize the warmth and affection

Those above only a little lesson that we can take from batik. And now, I’m more proud of wearing batik, not only wear its beautiful color and arts but also implementing its deep meaning of live lesson.

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